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Curatorship: Lela Beltrão

In the country that in cases of femicide is the 5th largest in the world, which kills and incarcerates black bodies the most, a female body PRESENT is a victory (#marielepresente).

Female bodies, in addition to being objectified, carry the weight of an unequal society. Women represent a smaller percentage of the workforce, receive lower wages than men under the same conditions, spend twice as much time looking after the house and third parties.

Inequality is aggravated if this body belongs to a black woman. Our entire society is sustained from this point: from exploitation and carelessness to black women.

Constructing a new look at the EXISTENCE of female bodies in our society is a collective task. It is the woman's body that, alive, reproduces society with its creative power and this is, according to Silvia Federici, the "point zero of the revolution". Where weakness is seen, we see strength.

The potency of female bodies in all aspects of generation, nutrition and beauty deserves the recognition that, for thousands of years, they represented aspects of the goddesses. Even the women themselves still need to go through the empowerment of this truth, this cure. You are a goddess, even if society doesn't remember it.

A female body, alive, is resistance. A black, female, living body is the support of an entire society. A society of women who collectively see the power of their present bodies is REVOLUTION.

Tewá 225 and Lela Beltrão