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We believe that social transformation happens from the inside out

As much as policies, projects and programs are built aiming to impact harsh realities, they can only go through effective transformation if the stakeholders involved are politicized enough  to comprehend what happens in their territories (physical and symbolical), and from there adopt new postures and practices regarding problems.

Therefore, social transformation starts, mainly, by effective social participation, meaning, one that is aware and politicized

The presence of bodies on meetings is not, in the last instance, an effective participation.
Our central role as a consultancy  is to facilitate the rupture process from these rigid structures, strengthening social groups in vulnerability situations



To promote effective social participation, aiming for social transformation


To Politicize the different stakeholders involved with social methodologies and instruments (social technology).

To Strengthen the institutional capital of the affected territories.

To Strengthen the social fabric so that it can modify its own reality.

To open spaces for dialogue and listening in the decision making structures.



For a social transformation to occur, it is necessary that programs, projects and actions in spatial contexts follow the cycle of change​​ in each work process. Therefore, Tewá 225 has developed a methodology focused on the path of awareness​ for ​initiatives​ that aim at a positive impact and the promotion of development, with ​​social participation​​.

This cycle goes through 4 stages focused on generating shared value for society, proposing organizations and local communities, working with a special focus on the autonomy of the territories:


With those involved, building narratives and evaluating value generation strategies and initiatives based on qualitative data arising from listening.


Aiming at transformation, ecosystem action, refinement of strategy, programs, practices and initiatives.

Experiences structuring knowledge management with visits to replicability as social technology and continuous improvement.


About the challenges as well as secondary data, information and who the actors are, what their pains and anxieties are.


Operational Area

Get to know our areas of expertise: Territorial Dynamics and Knowledge Generation. In these two areas, we develop products and services that meet real social needs and assist the challenge of public, private and third sector institutions in the production of knowledge and in the transformation of their territorial realities through participatory processes.

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